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Written by Jeff Davis   
Saturday, 04 October 2008 12:14

Election Siamese Twins, A Political Opinion

A very bizarre election campaign it is. For the first time in the history of our national elections, the Vice-presidential candidate is not permitted to campaign apart from her running-mate. In every election in the past, the person running for V.P. would be out on the hustings, criss-crossing the country and giving speeches and interviews. But in the current election it has been decided by Republican political handlers to keep Sarah Palin conjoined at the hip with John McCain, keeping her at a safe distance from the scrutiny of an inquiring press.

It should be perfectly clear by now to anyone who can see the obvious that there is a justifiable fear that she may try to answer questions posed by the press without recourse to her brief, memorized platitudes, and to come off as sounding like an unqualified candidate.

Until most recently the news coverage has been filled with absurd discussions about lipstick and pigs, moose hunting and guns, and the virtues of being a soccer-Mom with five kids as a qualification for being the Vice-President. These are the things that have concentrated our attention as voters, rather than the legitimate issues that confront the security of our nation: the economy, energy policy, the war in Iraq, and the forthcoming disaster of entitlement programs, to mention just a few.

The bottom line is that a vice-presidential candidate was chosen exclusively on the basis of pandering to cultural values. You are asked to vote for her, not because she has any legitimate ability to govern on a national level, but because she shoots a gun, opposes abortion, and espouses fundamentalist religious views. Cutesy comments, wrinkling her nose, and winking at you like she is just your typical Mom does not mean that she should be next in line for the Presidency. This choice of a running mate speaks volumes as to the underlying character of John McCain, who would chose to lower himself with political posturing and ask our country to be potentially led by someone who is so clearly and patently not qualified.


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