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Written by Kurt Hoffman   
Wednesday, 03 September 2008 22:57

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Appalachian Independent: The Dialogue of Democracy! What you see before you is the result of lots of hard work by numerous people. The content of this first issue of our community newspaper was authored by a core group of people and you will find their names associated with their articles. With every endeavor such as this, there are people who are instrumental to the process but remain anonymous because their responsibilities are behind the scenes. What you won’t see behind the “wizard's curtain” are the authors of the website itself. Steve Robinett and Woody Getz are the unsung heroes who have created the “AppIndie” website from the ground up.


The software that was chosen to create this project is in complete alignment with our community-based philosophy. The entire website has been constructed with “Joomla! “open-source” software. According to our webmaster/resident tech guru Steve Robinett, “Open-source software is free of intellectual property rights, the program source code is freely available to the world, anyone can modify and redistribute it, and the right to modify or redistribute this cannot be revoked by anyone.” In essence, everyone owns this product and it is free. So our free, grassroots, community-based paper was created with free, open-source software. This is an example of democracy in action!


As you explore the website, what you will be witnessing is our current level of progress. This is by no means our final, finished product. We are a work in progress, an experiment in progress. We are learning as we go, and the learning curve can be quite steep at times. A part of our mission under the grant is to document our work so that it may assist other community newspapers in the future. Over the coming months the site will change and improve as we add and modify features. For example, we anticipate having the interactive “Community” section operational in the coming months. New functions, new sections, and new bylines will appear in the coming weeks and months.


So pardon our dust, and please bear with us. We welcome your ideas, your suggestions and your feedback because this is your newspaper too! We also need your writing and photography, so please get involved and help us make this "the" community newspaper in our area.

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