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Our Blue Earth - Our Blue Earth
Written by Craig Etchison   
Wednesday, 03 December 2008 09:25



Recent commentaries in our local paper have offered different views about the use of artificial contraception, in the one instance based on a conservative theological position, while the alternative view offered a more progressive position.  If the decision to use contraception or not were purely a theological matter, had no ramifications beyond such esoteric matters as when a fetus becomes a person, or what a dead Pope believed, people could agree to disagree—though one side would probably condemn the other to hell—and life could go on.  Unfortunately, whether to use contraception or not impinges on the single greatest crisis humankind has ever faced.  The crisis is global warming and the ...

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Working Toward Sustainability in Higher Ed PDF Print E-mail
Our Blue Earth - Our Blue Earth
Written by Kara RogersThomas   
Saturday, 22 November 2008 13:08

Sustainability is becoming an oft employed term on university and college campuses across the country these days.  That's good news for activists who for years have been lobbying higher education to carry the mantle of environmental action and awareness.

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Defending the Clean Water Act Through Citizen Action PDF Print E-mail
Our Blue Earth - Our Blue Earth
Written by Craig Etchison   
Thursday, 13 November 2008 13:14


Defending the Clean Water Act Through Citizen Action


      The Savage River Watershed Association (SRWA) will hold their regular meeting at the Route 40 Elementary School on Thursday, November 20th at 7 p.m.  Each meeting brings local citizens and SRWA members together to talk about issues within the watershed and to host an expert from an assortment of professions.  The guest speaker for this meeting will be Robin Broder from Potomac Riverkeeper (PRK), who as the Director of Operations oversees many of PRK's programs.  The Potomac Riverkeeper is an action oriented organization who fights to defend the Clean Water Act and works to ensure that illegal pollution inputs to the Potomac and its tributaries are stopped.

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Population: The Critical Component in Global Warming PDF Print E-mail
Our Blue Earth - Our Blue Earth
Written by Craig Etchison   
Saturday, 08 November 2008 13:55

myphoto.jpg As I've considered the evidence for global warming and massive climate change over the past fifteen years, I was only vaguely aware of the eight hundred pound gorilla among all the scientific research, a gorilla that had the last say on whether we save our planet or not.  That gorilla was the planet's population.  Unless we address the population explosion in a comprehensive way, not much else we do will matter as runaway global warming wrecks the planet.

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The Birds and The Bees PDF Print E-mail
Our Blue Earth - Our Blue Earth
Written by Mary Spalding   
Saturday, 04 October 2008 12:42


The Birds and the Bees


My first success growing sunflowers, which shouldn’t be so difficult except that my sunny location has highly compacted soil, came this summer, and now their happy heads bob in the breeze outside my kitchen window. As the autumn chill approaches, I see a new bloom and step outside to get a closer look.

At first I’m not sure of what I’m seeing—the thing is the same golden brown as the small disk flowers that form the center of the sunflower. But, yes, there are the striped gold and black hairs of the honeybee’s thorax, and there are its tiny antenna, and its legs, still clinging. I wave my hand near it, but it doesn’t move. It looks just like a photo my friend Lisa just placed ...

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