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Thirteen Numbers that Should Worry Us PDF Print E-mail
Our Blue Earth - Our Blue Earth
Written by Craig Etchison   
Saturday, 14 February 2009 09:25

On the most recent Friday the 13th, the Environmental Defense Fund released 13 facts about global warming that are far scarier than any movie about this unlucky day.  If we don't soon take this scientific data seriously--Dr. Jim Hansen gives us just a few years to get this right--our inaction will seal the fate of our world, and the climate models of that fate are anything but pleasant.

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MLK Jr. Day Events 2009 PDF Print E-mail
Our Blue Earth - Our Blue Earth
Written by Kevin Devine, Watershed Coordinator   
Sunday, 25 January 2009 01:40

On January 19th the Savage River Watershed Association (SRWA), Georges Creek Watershed Association (GCWA), the City of Cumberland, Venturing Crew 202, and Americorps members from Frostburg State University (FSU) collaborated to host a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event at the 2nd Baptist Church in Cumberland.  An official holiday since 1994, Martin Luther King Jr. Day honors and celebrates the life of MLK Jr. and encourages people to provide a day of service to their communities.  Volunteers of this event continued in his actions of service by educating youth about environmental issues and providing examples of how youth can become more environmentally conscious.

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Sustainable Evening at New Germany PDF Print E-mail
Our Blue Earth - Our Blue Earth
Written by Kelly Martin, Regional Watershed Coordinator   
Saturday, 24 January 2009 21:09

On January 17, the youth of Boy Scout Venturing Crew 202 from Westminster, Maryland hosted a sustainability evening at New Germany State Park for the people of western Maryland.  The event was attended by over 50 western Maryland residents, and attendees were treated with donations of reusable bags from Allegheny Power and a drawing for energy efficiency kits donated by the Maryland Energy Administration and Allegheny Power.  The purpose of the evening was threefold.

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More On Population, Family Planning, and Saving the Planet PDF Print E-mail
Our Blue Earth - Our Blue Earth
Written by Craig Etchison   
Wednesday, 03 December 2008 09:25



Recent commentaries in our local paper have offered different views about the use of artificial contraception, in the one instance based on a conservative theological position, while the alternative view offered a more progressive position.¬† If the decision to use contraception or not were purely a theological matter, had no ramifications beyond such esoteric matters as when a fetus becomes a person, or what a dead Pope believed, people could agree to disagree‚ÄĒthough one side would probably condemn the other to hell‚ÄĒand life could go on.¬† Unfortunately, whether to use contraception or not impinges on the single greatest crisis humankind has ever faced.¬† The crisis is global warming and the ...

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Working Toward Sustainability in Higher Ed PDF Print E-mail
Our Blue Earth - Our Blue Earth
Written by Kara RogersThomas   
Saturday, 22 November 2008 13:08

Sustainability is becoming an oft employed term on university and college campuses across the country these days.  That's good news for activists who for years have been lobbying higher education to carry the mantle of environmental action and awareness.

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