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General Submission Guidelines

Articles should be pasted into the body of an email sent to the appropriate editor [SEE Contact Us].

Articles may be any length, but in general we're looking for between 800 and 1200 words. Longer articles of particular merit will be considered.

We will consider a series of articles exploring a complex topic. Please query the appropriate editor before submitting.

Submissions must be double spaced in 12 pt Arial font.

Standard usage and punctuation is essential. We don't have the resources to do major editing. We reserve the right to edit for clarity and length. (We will offer workshops in this area for writers who are interested in brushing up on usage and punctuation.)

Plagiarism (quoting verbatim the words of another writer-such as cutting and pasting from an article on the web-without giving appropriate attribution and putting those words in quotations OR presenting ideas from other writers without attribution) of any sort is unethical and illegal. We ask all writers submitting work to state at the end of their article that they have not plagiarized.

We encourage citizen journalists to also submit photos with their articles. Please have your photos sized at no more than 300x400 pixels. We may have to resize the photos as needed for spatial issues.

We ask all contributors to review the 10 points on staying within legal boundaries when submitting articles at The Appalachian Independent assumes no liability for plagiarism or defamatory remarks or unsubstantiated facts in contributor articles. While we will make an attempt to address obvious problems, we have neither staff nor time to thoroughly research each article. It is, therefore, ultimately the responsibility of the writer.

Check specific guidelines/needs for the content area of the paper you are submitting to by clicking on that content area.

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