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We The People - We The People
Written by Ernest Gusella   
Monday, 28 March 2011 19:37

cumberland rock stars 1I can't read Hindi but I think that is what the headlines say!   The Electric Mule aka The Avatar Babycumberland rock stars 2

PS-  Tomiyo and I were walking down a street in New Delhi today when a young Indian woman passed by us on the sidewalk in the company of an older Anglo woman and an older Indian couple.  All of a sudden she came running back and asked:  'do you own a store called 'Social Studies' in Cumberland Maryland?' We replied: 'Yes, how did you know?'  She answered:  'I was in your shop this past summer with my fiance and bought a pair of ear-rings.  I just LOVE those ear rings.  I LOVE your store!'  It turns out that she is getting married, is in India shopping for India wedding gear, and is moving to South Carolina (poor dear- in the middle of all of those Bible thumping red-necks).  It just proves that it is a small world and all roads lead to Cumberland.

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Jeff Davis
Sunday, 10 April 2011 02:13
Dear Avatar Baby: Can you speak a little louder, please? I'm having trouble hearing you here in Cumberland, due to all the noisy Bible-thumping. South Carolina don't have nothing on us, I'll have you know.
All roads lead to Cumberland?
Wednesday, 27 April 2011 19:40
That's good, given the gas prices. My vehicle probably gets about 99 miles per gallon going downhill.
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